Chronicles of the sun is a french Soap drama series of 235 x 26 minuts. It’s France TV Studio’s Flagship serie, broadcasted in access prime time on France 2.

Our missions

  • create multiple 180° urbans and zoographic animated landscapes

    capture, stitch, matte painting, color grading

  • create 2.5D landscapes

    modeling from areal photography, camera projection, matte painting

  • create realtime 3D environment

    photogrametry, retopology, PBR texturing, crowd simulation, traffic animation, 3D birds animation, HDRI capture

  • On set supervision

    supervising some greenscreen / tracking shooting

  • Pipeline TD | Nuke TD

    creating a pipeline from xml edit to automate per shot nuke's scenes creation, on demand gizmo creation, workflow consultant


    France Televisions Studios

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